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Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

My Kids, My Sunshine

My kids are my sunshine. Of course there was sunshine before, but it is much brighter when Kayla and Raynor are here ^_^

 Kayla Kirana Ali, 7 tahun, dan Raynor Rakha Asthama Ali, 4 tahun

Kayla has always been good to Raynor. She always wanted to have a little brother, so, she was very exited to see and hold her baby brother. She decided to stay over the night with me and her dad at the hospital before I went through a section. Luckily, the nurses were all nice, and they let her stay -because actually no child was allowed to spend the night there!

And Raynor... as soon as he knows how to deal with people, he copies all his sister does! When Kayla talks about her friends and teachers at school, Raynor suddenly has more stories about friends and teachers (and he even told about them since he hasn't gone to any school yet! He made up some imaginary friends and teacher, hahaha!). They play together every day, Raynor even misses his sister when she goes to school. What a sweet sibling love, always take care of each other, and spend the time together :)

Well, it was fun at first, but when the competition started to take part, it was a chaos -_- They argue over almost everything, fight over toys (and candies, and balloons, and ice creams), and many of the times, they help too much to just win mom's heart! If Kayla helps doing one thing, Raynor has to do the same thing -even when it's already done. If I buy Raynor a thing (secretly, but then he tells his sister!), and Kayla will ask the same thing. Aaargghh!

I love this!!

To tell you the truth, sometimes I think the sun shines too bright and too hard on me after the kiddos were born, it makes my head spin around and I want to just melt away like an ice cube on hot asphalt, hoping all the yelling and the crying and the fighting disappear... I mean, you just can't eat right and sleep tight, you can't say a prayer without being disturbed, and you can't even have a 'stomachache-me time' in the bath room!  

Love this--so true!

But deep down, I know that I was sent here for them, as they were sent here to be with me. We were meant to be together, to look up to and to take care of each other. To share and to learn, to conquer the world together. What children know is that they learn a lot from their parents, because their Mom and Dad know everything they don't. But it turns out to be, both sides are learning from each other!

I didn't know what clean and healthy food was until they are here to teach me. I never knew how hard -yet valuable- patience and discipline were until they force me to be. I had no idea why math and songs were fun until they make me to do it. It's like, the world is more colorful, and every little thing -the birds singing, dandelions, the rain, the blue sky, etc- is way more beautiful when they are around! And the most valuable lesson is, never would I feel this most comfortable-peaceful love and tender care if I don't have them in my arms...

Kayla dan Raynor, tidak ada yang lain yang Mama doakan, selain agar selalu diberi bimbingan dalam membesarkan kalian berdua. Supaya kakak dan adik termasuk golongan anak-anak yang qorrota 'ayun, yang menjadi penyejuk mata dan penyenang hati, menjadi pembawa kebahagiaan bagi kedua orang tuanya, di dunia dan akhirat.

Allahumma faqqih hu fid diini wa ‘allimhut ta’wiila
 Ya Allah, berikanlah kefahaman baginya dalam urusan agama, 
dan ajarkanlah dia ta’wil (ayat-ayat al-Qur’an.)

Allahummaj’alhu shahiihan kaamilan, 
wa ‘aqilan haadziqon, wa ‘aaliman ‘amilan
“Ya Allah, jadikanlah ia anak yang sehat sempurna, 
berakal cerdas, dan berilmu lagi beramal”

Aamiin ya rabbal alamin.

To Kayla dan Raynor,
Thank you for being here with me.
My love and prayers are always with you.
Mama <3
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  1. terharu bacanya.....kak kayla penyayang ya... dan raynor...i really like your name...

    1. Terima kasih Tante Enci... salam sayang buat Tata n Thoriq dari Kayla n Raynor yaa :*

  2. anak-anak memang bisa jadi pelipur lara, walaupun kadang-kadang suka bikin stress hehehe :D

    1. hehehehe betul banget mak, mereka tuh segala emosi yang ada :)

  3. Amiin ya robalallamin... doa yg sangat indah
    Salam untuk dua buah hatimu yg lucu2 ya mak *peluk erat :)

    1. indahnya mungkin karena keluarnya dari dalam hati bangettt ^^ salam juga buat anak2 di rumah ya mak Irma :)

  4. Teteeeeh...

    Setuju sekaliii,
    Anak2 itu emang bagaikan sinar matahari yang kerap membuat jiwa kita bahagia ya Teeeh...

    Makanya waktu dulu awal nge-blog, Folder buat Kayla anak pertamaku aku kasih nama : My Sunshine Girl Teeeh :)

    Ternyata anak kita namanya samaaa :)