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Kamis, 21 Januari 2016

An Afternoon with High-Intermediate Students

HI-4 Students of Oct-Dec 2015 : Richardo, Aurel, Rizky, Rian, Lucy, Sekar,
 Zakia, Narita, Ayumi, Ardistia, Venesa, Naufal, and of course the teacher, 
Miss Astrid (in white and black, smiling proudly) 

It was a cloudy-almost-6 pm-afternoon when I knocked Ms. Astrid's classroom door, to let her know that I was there already. I would be interviewing her HI-4 students for the next 15 minutes, because they have reached the highest level in LIA. Yup, Higher Intermediate is the last step to go through if you take General English program. So, hari Senin tanggal 30 November kemarin adalah dua minggu terakhir mereka bersama, sebelum menempuh ujian kelulusan.

I watched over the students from a distance, because it was a see-thru' window. Well, dari kursi taman yang menghadap ke water fountain alias pancuran air, to be exact, and somehow, saya jadi ikut-ikutan gloomy... *what a 'baper' writer, haha! But it was a true feeling. I wondered what they felt right then, karena....

Most of the students were together for a couple of years, since they started the HI level. Few were with LIA for almost 4 years, and few were just a little shorter than that. I mean, being together for that quite-a-long time is special, right? Even if you just see each other for twice a week. That's what happens in LIA; you've got new friends, beside only 'gaining more knowledge' and 'being more confident' in English. Ada banyak silaturrahim dan kekeluargaan disana :)

Here are some testimonies about each other in HI-4 class, because I asked Ms. Astrid to make her students give impressions to each other as a sweet goodbye :

"Ka Zakiaa....", I always remember the way she calls me. Sekar is the youngest student in class.., She always be the most intellegent student.., We usually take Riung Bandung angkot.. ~ from Zakia.

Aurel is an annoying little girl.., She's just being herself.., She's kindhearted and helpful.., You're not a baby anymore.., I like how you joke around in class.. ~ from Ardistia.

Ka Ardis, you are a person with the brightest smile.., I hope you'll pass the exam.., We often do the work together.., Glad to be your friend.. ~ Venesa.

Ka Lucy is a talk active girl.., She likes to look for someone in LIA to be her crush.., She is a place to tell stories.., She's a good listener ~ Aurel.

Those are some from the girls. Biasalah, cewek kan suka cerita, jadi kalo bikin testimoni suka panjang, haha! While some of the boys wrote only :

Ricardo is : Storyteller, Funny, Talkactive, Cool.. ~ Naufal
My impression on Naufal : He's a quite person, He's lazy and annoying, He's brave when talking to a girl, He's talented in Skateboarding.. ~ Ricardo.

That's it. No opening, no closing, only the content, singkat padat, jelas, hahahaha!

Meanwhile, here's a bit something from Ardistia, an Outstanding student that I interviewed :

"Right now, I'm going to have 2 final exams, in LIA and at school, so I'm very busy. Hopefully I will pass both with great score. I learnt a lot from here, and I made new friends. But one thing that I will always remember is an experience from a teacher. She might forgot that she told this story, when she was still in college, but that has inspired me!"

Yes, not only lessons and good memories, somehow someway, learning at LIA will give you inspirations. ^.^ And Ardis, I wish you pass the exams, and you will go into the college that you want, and experience many wonderful things in life. Just hang on to all kinds of lessons that you've been learning thru' the years, because they sure will come in handy someday ;)

Well, I guess that's a wrap. I bet Ms.Astrid had a splendid time in her class, and I'm sure, with all of those super students, not only on them, but the inspiration was on the teacher, too :) 

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