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Kamis, 26 Februari 2015

Why Start This Challenge?

I started this challenge simply because I fell in love with it at the first sight. I definitely need to be reminded about being grateful! And I like to write. So, just to know that I would be writing about gratitude, I smiled right away... :)

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And why I should do this challenge? Because I think, people, especially me, tend to forget about things that need to be thankful for. They always DO things fastly, without feeling it. They just DO, not BE. And doing without being is just heartless...

Despite of the hectic surroundings, we should slow down a little bit. Because by slowing down, we have the time to enjoy. Life is about a journey, and it's not only about going to the end safely, or correctly, but it's also about getting there with content-happy heart. And if it's true that if we're dying, the journey will flash right before our eyes like a movie, let's make it worth watching!

Let's go to the end of our journey smiling. By being more thankful, without complaining nor regretting. By taking things more easily and doing everything more sincerely. And of course, by giving more of what you have, because;

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There are still a lot to work on, though. I have to learn : taking time to enjoy every moment, seeing problems with cool head and warm heart, helping others with my effort, my time, my prayer, and to be grateful even in every bad situation -afterall, that's what God has planned for me, I need to just trust Him more. Thuma'ninah, Husnudzon!

“Hai jiwa yang tentram, kembalilah kepada Rabbmu dengan hati yang puas lagi diridhai-Nya. Maka masuklah ke dalam jama’ah hamba-hamba-Ku, dan masuklah ke dalam surga-Ku.” (Al-Fajr: 27-30)

Wish me luck :)
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