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Selasa, 12 Mei 2015

My Parents, biggest critics, biggest supporter

My Mom and Dad 

I have written (and be grateful) about my husband and children, now I'm writing and be grateful about my parents :)

My parents are my biggest critics. They always criticize me! It's like there's nothing in this world that I do right. I was one of the most clever students in school, but they didn't seem to be that proud. I passed a competitive test to go in a well known university (okay, I didn't make it to any national university!), majoring a very famous (well, at that time, it was!) faculty, they didn't even congratulate me. I got a job in a quite luxurious office (again, at that time, it was...) with a quite competitive salary, they weren't that happy! Then I bought a unit in one of the first and most prestigious apartments in town (in my early 26 and I completed the payment in only 1 year!), they just wondered why I didn't buy a house instead. I did this and that, I went through this and that, and all I got was a usual parents-to-children- smile. Well, thank you very much for the support!

But, never would I realize every of that, until I became a parent myself. Never did I know that behind their every 'usual' smile was a proud. Never did I understand that behind every success I made were prayers. Nor did I see, that behind every wrong step I took were their hidden tears. God, what a daughter!
Yes! They are my biggest critics, yet supporters. They criticize because they care. And they went head to toe because they wanted to support me the best way they could. I know that now, because I'm doing the same for my children. I know, because until this present time, whatever I do wrong or right, that 'usual' smile never fades away. Still being given to me with full of unconditional love. Genuine. Pure. Straight from the heart. I know. I'm doing the same.

Countless thank will never be enough to express my gratitude, Mah and Pah. Nor my tears while I'm writing this. I don't know what is equal to that smiles you've been giving. I really don't. I only know that the beauty is worth Jannah. Nothing in this world compares to it. Keep criticizing me. Keep supporting me, Keep smiling for me. I love you, Mamah and Papah.

Aamiin, Allahumma aamiin
Much Love,
Your daughter

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4 komentar:

  1. iki mrebes mili le moco....my moyher is like that, always keep calm, but i know from her ayes... she proud of me...

    1. opo meneh sing nulise, ihik ihik huaa... salam buat ibu ya mom Enci :)

  2. Memang terkadang di depan kita ortu diem aja. Tapi ternyata ketika kita bisa meraih sesuatu dgn usaha kita, di belakang kita mereka begitu bangga ya Mak ^_^

    1. Iya... walau kita kadang jd ngambek krn ngga ngerti... hiks