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Senin, 26 Maret 2018

A glance of "Senja di Canggu"

"So, you're happy now, you li'l bit*h! You've successfully plunged my love into your trap!"

Dita hated her cousin very much. The cousin was just a little girl whose parents passed away in a car accident, who then stayed in her house. A little shy and not-that-important girl that she shared almost everything with -in her permission-; her parents, her clothes, even her love. 

A love that she had been hiding for years. Him, whom she had surrendered herself to....

But that didn't mean that the bit*h could marry him. Not as long as she was still alive! 


"But, I love him too, Bude...."

Esti had to face Bude, her uncle's wife, with a broken heart. Since her parents were gone, Bude and Pakde took the responsibility to love and care for her. They gave her everything she needed; home, food, even a big sister, and her title as a doctor.   

She almost lost her respect to the old woman who asked her to leave the man she loved. 

"I don't want my daughter go into pieces, Esti!", Bude snapped a little bit.

Of course a mother would defend her daughter instead of her niece, wouldn't she?


"You stand by her, do you, Bima? You stand by this li'l bit*h?"
"Esti is my wife-to-be. Bear that in mind!"
"Do you know, Esti, Bima slept with me and said that he would marry me!"
"You refused it, Dita. You remember that?"

At least Esti would remember that conversation. And the fact that Dita, her cousin, did go into pieces. She suffered a mental disorder after Esti's not-so-blessed marriage with Bima.

But Dita was not the only one who suffered. Esti did too, when she received an envelope with pictures of her husband lying half naked on a sofa. In Dita's bedroom. When their baby wasn't even delivered yet into this world....


"Dita, I give mas Bima the permission to marry you."
"He doesn't need your permission."
"Oh, yes he does!"

For many years in her life, Dita gave Esti the permission to have everything. Dita told what Esti might have or might have not. But then, it was the other way around. That was sucks, but it was fine. It didn't really matter to Dita, as long as she succeed. Esti stole Bima from her, and all that she strove was to have him back. Even the result was beyond her control....


So, would this classic triangle love story end up with Dita as the winner? Or did Esti manage to 'steal' Bima once again?

How about Bima's side of story? Which of the girls -that he both married to- he really fell in love with?

And, the unborn child? Would he come into this world with a perfect, loving parents?


Thank you, ibu Rinny Ermiyanti, for this tricky-yet-lovely-plot-of novel. Your 'Senja di Canggu' really made my two weekends full of ups and downs. I would never forget Esti's tender heart, as well as Bima's foolishness. I just wish Dita had at least half of Esti's heart to face the truth....

*Lyric from a song by Sindentosca

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  1. Sejak lahiran belum sempat baca buku lagi hiks😁😁

  2. Wah, udah lama nih aku gak baca novel. Kangen banget. Tapi susah, baru baca dikit langsung digembrong bocah. Jadinya, untuk memuaskan hasrat baca fiksi, aku masih di level baca cerpen. Atau antologi. Biar napasnya pendek2. :D

    1. Hihihi.. bacanya masih digangguin krucils ya, jadi mending yang pendek2..

  3. Udah lama nggak baca novel.. Kangen euy pengen baca yang cinta-cintaan gemes kayak gini 😀

  4. Jadi pengen beli dan baca novelnya teh, nuhun ah teh jadi rekomendasi

  5. Hm, tertarik. kebetulan lagi gandrung lagi sama novel. wishlist dl.

  6. salam kenal. saya ika di kaltim. mau beli bukunya dimana/bagaimana caranya mbak?

    1. Boleh menghubungi langsung beliau via facebooknya, ya mbak Ika. Terima kasih sudah mampir ke sini :)