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Kamis, 21 Januari 2016

An Afternoon with High-Intermediate Students

HI-4 Students of Oct-Dec 2015 : Richardo, Aurel, Rizky, Rian, Lucy, Sekar,
 Zakia, Narita, Ayumi, Ardistia, Venesa, Naufal, and of course the teacher, 
Miss Astrid (in white and black, smiling proudly) 

It was a cloudy-almost-6 pm-afternoon when I knocked Ms. Astrid's classroom door, to let her know that I was there already. I would be interviewing her HI-4 students for the next 15 minutes, because they have reached the highest level in LIA. Yup, Higher Intermediate is the last step to go through if you take General English program. So, hari Senin tanggal 30 November kemarin adalah dua minggu terakhir mereka bersama, sebelum menempuh ujian kelulusan.